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Vienna Boys Choir

Monday 28 September 2020
Temple Saint-Martin, Vevey

Jimmy Chiang, choirmaster

Gallus / Mozart / Schubert / Wirth / Strauss / ...

These crystal-clear voices have toured the world: the Vienna Boys Choir is, without doubt, the world's most famous boys' choir. It is also one of the oldest choirs since its foundation reaches back to the Middle Ages! Since its separation from the imperial court a century ago, the ensemble has continued to make history with a repertoire that spans epochs and features many works by Austrian composers. The Vienna Boys Choir has nevertheless opened its doors to a choirmaster from Hong Kong.

The programme will be announced at the end of summer.
Works from several centuries: Gallus, Mozart, Schubert, Wirth, popular Austrian songs and music of the Strauss dynasty

CAT A: 50.– Church bench – CENTRE)
CAT B: 40.– (chair – SIDES)
Price for Young people/Students/Apprentices: 10.–
Free choice of seats